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The Wire 470 | April 2023


Inside our brand new issue:

Turntablists: Vinyl manipulators Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei and Victoria Shen prepare to hit the road (and the decks). By Emily Pothast

patten: Artist and musician Damien Roach confronts the future via AI generated samples. By Emily Bick

Dorothy Moskowitz: The former United States Of America vocalist returns with a bold new collaborative work. By Edwin Pouncey

Mihály Víg: The Hungarian composer, actor and musician recalls his 40 year relationship with director Béla Tarr. By Ilia Rogatchevski

Invisible Jukebox: Tatsuya Yoshida: Will the drummer/vocalist be left in Ruins by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by James Hadfield

Unlimited Editions: Outlines

Unofficial Channels: Polar Sounds

Zoë Mc Pherson: Jungle beats and speculative futures. By Oli Warwick

Francisco Mela: 55 and free. By Daniel Spicer

Brìghde Chaimbeul: Piping up. By Stewart Smith

Global Ear: Belfast. The underground thrives in Northern Ireland. By Brian Coney

The Inner Sleeve: :zoviet*france:’s Ben Ponton on The Damned’s Damned Damned Damned

Epiphanies: Francisco López heeds the call of the rainforest

The Wire Tapper 61: A track by track guide to this issue's free CD

Print Run: A Is For Anarchist: An ABC Book For Activists by billy woods & M Musgrove; A Licence To Rock And Pop: An Inventory Of Attitude by James Fry; Going Out: Walking, Listening, Soundmaking edited by Elena Biserna; On Minimalism: Documenting A Musical Movement edited by Kerry O’Brien & William Robin; The Names Of Minimalism: Authorship, Art Music, And Historiography In Dispute by Patrick Nickleson; I Feel Everything You Say, I Feel Everything You Hear edited by Jan Lankisch; Improvision: Orphic Art In The Age Of Jazz by Simon Shaw-Miller; Sound American No 29: The Roscoe Mitchell Issue edited by Nate Wooley; Time Come: Selected Prose 1975–2021 by Linton Kwesi Johnson

On Screen: Jeff Krulik, Joseph Pattisall & Joe Gross We Are Fugazi, From Washington DC; Sophie Robinson & Dunstan Bruce I Get Knocked Down

On Location: Michael Snow Memorial, Toronto, Canada; John Dikeman/Pat Thomas/John Edwards/Steve Noble, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; Saidi Kanda & Mvula Mandondo, Brighton, UK; The Ephemeron Loop, London, UK; Numero Twenty, Los Angeles, US; Tears | OV + The Howling, London, UK; Pierre Bastien & Louis Laurain, Brighton, UK; Riot Ensemble: Sonic Illusions, London, UK; The Residents, Leeds, UK; Howl, London, UK; Adam Rudolph & Tyshawn Sorey, Brooklyn, US

On Site: Anne Imhof; Christian Marclay

Soundcheck: Astroturf Noise, King Ayisoba, B Cool-Aid, Gerald Cleaver/Brandon Lopez/Hprizm, Attila Csihar, Drew Daniel & John Wiese, Deerhoof, Dry Thrust, Marc Ducret, Dunn With Rutmanis, Debby Friday, Satoko Fujii & Otomo Yoshihide, Katie Gately, Tim Hecker, hepa.Titus, James Holden, James Ilgenfritz/Sandy Ewen/Michael Foster, Jan Jelinek, King Vision Ultra, Ingrid Laubrock, James Brandon Lewis, Liturgy, Liv.e, London Brew, Lily Guarneros Maase, Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra, Moss Freed/Union Division, Natural Information Society, Bill Orcutt, patten, The Reds, Pinks & Purples, Alasdair Roberts, William Roper/Cassia Streb/Tim Feeney, Bruce Russell, Scatter, Sightless Pit, Sleaford Mods, Paul St Hilaire, Thomas Stone, Surgeon, Time Phase Trio, Time Trout, Keith & Julie Tippett: Couple In Spirit, Yves Tumor, Dan Weiss Trio, Alan Wilkinson/Steve Noble/John Edwards, Xiu Xiu, Various Tutto A Posto E Niente In Ordine, Various Utopia Or Oblivion

The Boomerang: Death, Felt, Harald Grosskopf, François Jeanneau, Siegfried Kessler/Gus Nemeth/Stu Martin, Maajun, The Muffins, Phauss, Phew, Andrew Poppy, Unwound, Various Blacklips Bar: Androgyns & Deviants – Industrial Romance For Bruised & Battered Angels 1992–1995